Management solutions for the fashion industry

Management solutions for the fashion industry

  • Extreme CONFIGURABILITY and maximum FLEXIBILITY: we offer tailor-made solutions, according to your needs.


  • An extremely high level of TECHNICAL preparation and considerable EMPATHY allow us to meet the requirements of each and every fashion brand.


  • We contribute to the growth of the fashion world thanks to processes involving constant INNOVATION, advanced management software and MULTICHANNEL strategies. These all work towards the optimized management of the supply chain.
Waterfall application suite
Waterfall is an application suite created for the fashion world. It is made up of 6 highly specialized and independent software modules, which are integrated among themselves and can also be integrated with any company ERP system.

Waterfall modules

logo OEM

Order Entry Management

Improves and simplifies the process of obtaining and managing customer orders.

logo MES

Manufacturing Execution System

Manages production orders as they pass through the production departments.

logo WMS

Warehouse Management System

Facilitates and optimizes the physical management of raw materials and finished products.

logo PSM

Process Scheduling Management

Supports the company in the scheduling
of its work.

logo SRM

Supplier Relationship Management

Manages supplier relationships, allowing the production and logistics chain to be coordinated and monitored.

logo ETL

Extract, Transform and Loading

Designed for importing, integrating and monitoring data flows from different systems.

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